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Inspired 2016 Conference on Press


Leading Entrepreneurs’ Inspiring Talks


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Sipahiler Events Founding Partner


Held for the first time, İstanbul TALKS Inspired 2016 is a global entrepreneurship Conference, organized by the leading events management company Sipahiler Events and GİRVAK (Entrepreneurship Foundation, Turkey).

Hosting many well known, prominent entrepreneurs from the United States, Europe and the Middle East, this particular Conference will bring together young entrepreneurs embarking on the path to becoming an entrepreneur, entrepreneurs, angel investors, ventures & private equity companies, banks, organizations in the entrepreneurship ecosystem,  incubation-entrepreneurship centers and major media companies, in an interactive environment.

Framing the Conference with “Leading Enterpreneurs’, Inspiring Talks” as this year’s theme, Inspired 2016 will be focusing on how the entrepreneurs’ ecosystem was developed in different countries, one of the most popular subjects, “internet of things”,young entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurship,trends in entrepreneurship and womens’ entrepreneurship.  Last but not least; experiences of the world renowned entrepreneurs.

Inspired 2016 presents an extensive program, where the participants will have the chance to meet the well known, successful entrepreneurs, as well as providing a comprehensive networking platform suitable for development of new ideas, new partnerships and new alliances.

Fellow Program, which is executed to spread entrepreneurship culture through inspiration and to make entrepreneurship a career alternative, is a brand of Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation. 80 university students- 40 women, 40 men with an entrepreneurship potential are selected to the Fellow Program among 30.000 applicants with a 6 stage scientific selection process and they will be our special guests at Istanbul Talks Inspired. Furthermore, 5 of the university students’ yearly Fellow Program scholarships will be covered by Istanbul Talks Inspired.

Hot Topics


Internet of Things

This panel will focus on the internet of things which became one of the most popular topics with forecasts that 37 billion objects by the year 2020 will be connected to each other. The panel will debate on the theme of how the future technology known as Internet of things will change the world hosting global players.

Entrepreneurship for Social Change

This keynote session will evaluate the past and the future of social enterprises which are built to find an innovative solution to a social problem. As a social entrepreneur herself, Wendy Kopp will speak about her social enterprise, Teach For All, and share the inspirational details about this enterprise, with the audience.


This panel will host one of the world’s leading businessmen and a young entrepreneur as speakers which will enhance the spirit of the youth and experience.


In a world where it is believed that countries’ entrepreneurship will grow and develop even further, young entrepreneurs are the real actors of the future. This panel will embrace young entrepreneurs from a variety of sectors and various different countries, where they will be sharing their inspiration filled stories.


Women Entrepreneurs

This Panel will be inaugurated by one of the key figures of today’s women entrepreneurship revolution. The speech will be about her experience on the road to success. With the contribution of various Turkish women entrepreneurs’ inspirations, panel will enhance the women entrepreneurship.

How the Ecosystem Develops

This panel will give an insight about how the world’s fastest growing entrepreneurship ecosystems evolved from scratch. Investors and entrepreneurs from Berlin, Tel Aviv, San Francisco and Turkey will share their comments on their own ecosystems and others.


















Mavi celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. The first surprise of the year-long celebrations will be the sponsorship to Istanbul Talks. It has a special meaning for Mavi to have Richard Branson at the conference.

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World’s brand cities started to reflect their power on brand events and to further fortify their brands through these events.  Istanbul Talks Conferences plays an important role by unleashing the potential of Istanbul in this meaning and efforts. I believe that the conference, by bringing together the world’s prominent entrepreneurs with their brightest ideas in business life, will contribute to all stakeholders.

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