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Thank you for visiting our website. By using and browsing this Site, you indicate that you accept the Terms and Conditions defined herein and that you agree to abide by them and therefore you are advised to read them carefully.

Phrases and words used in this site such as “we”, “our”, “Istanbul Talks” and “Sipahiler” will refer to Sipahiler A.Ş., or any of its affiliates, depending on the context they are used. “You” will refer to persons accessing and/or using this website.

This Agreement (will hereinafter be referred to as “Agreement”) is an official agreement between you, the user of our website, and Sipahiler A.Ş., which indicates the mutual agreement of both Parties on the following matters.

Address of Sipahiler A.Ş.:

Sipahiler A.Ş., MERSIS: 077 103 0599200014

Ref: Terms and Conditions of Website Use,

(mailto:sipahiler@hs01.kep.tr ,info@istanultalks.com.tr) İstanbul, Turkey.

By using website of Istanbul Talks, Turkey, currently active at http://www.sipahiler.com.tr/ (will hereinafter be referred to as “Website”), and as noted below, by using any of the services provided on this Website, you indicate that you accept that you are a user of this Website and that you agree to comply with the terms and conditions cited herein and that you undertake to be bound by them as long as you continue to use these services as a user. Use of certain services provided over the Website may be subject to additional rules and in such a case, you may be required to declare that you agree to be bound by these additional rules during your access to the services concerned. These additional rules will be effective starting from your use of the services concerned and are integral part of this Agreement. Furthermore, Istanbul Talks Privacy Policy, which governs the collection of information you shared with Istanbul Talks during your use of the Website and the rights of Istanbul Talks with regard to this information, is also an integral part of this Agreement. For this reason, you are required to read that Privacy Policy before using this Website and the services provided.


Istanbul Talks reserves its right to modify the services it provides, or to provide new services and/or cancel provision of existing services and this Agreement will continue to be valid and to take effect for all amended, added or cancelled services.

The Privacy Policy,  an integral part of this Agreement, may be modified any time unilaterally by Istanbul Talks with or without notice. In case of any such modification, modified and updated versions of this Agreement and the Privacy Policy, an integral part of the Agreement, will be published on the main page of the Website and such modifications will be effective as of the date of their publication. By continuing to use the Website and the services provided therein, you agree to such modifications and to be bound by them. Please verify the date of last update of the Agreement and the Privacy Policy, an integral part of the Agreement, by checking the end of the texts. Dates of last updates of the Agreement and the Privacy Policy, an integral part of the Agreement, will be indicated at the end of these texts for you to follow such updates. Therefore, you are advised to regularly follow the Agreement and the Privacy Policy on the Website in order to be updated about the newest versions of these texts.


Website users and other users, who are registered to use the services provided over the Website (will hereinafter be referred to as “Registered Users”) accept and declare the following:

Exclusive Use: Your user account is exclusive to you and you may not assign third persons to use your account and/or you may not make your account available for third party use. Otherwise, Istanbul Talks will not be held liable for damages arisen from such third person uses.

Password and Security: You need to set a user name (nickname) and password in order to access the Website and it is users’ responsibility to ensure the security of this password, user name and account. For this purpose, it is very important that you close your session when you leave the Website after each use.

Following are not appropriate to set as user name:

  • User name of a third person for the purpose of mimicking his/her presence;
  • A right of others and/or information about such a right;
  • Illegal, wrongful and/or offending user names;

Once the user name and password are set and used to enter into the Website, owner of the such account will be liable for all damages of Istanbul Talks and/or third persons, which may arise in connection with such account.

Users accept and represent to close their sessions after their use but before they leave the Website.

On the other hand, when you think that security of your user account is at risk and/or if you suspect that your access information, such as user name and password, were breached by others, you are required to inform Istanbul Talks of such situation without delay. Istanbul Talks may trace the unauthorized use, suspend your account or may take other necessary measures. Your notification for unauthorized use is not sufficient for requiring Istanbul Talks to take a measure against it and you will be responsible for all risks associated with such unauthorized use of your account. Website users acknowledge and undertake that Istanbul Talks will by no means be liable for any damages which may arise due to their acting in breach of this article and/or use of their user names and passwords by third persons after breaching into their accounts without their consent and will.

Geographical Constraints: The Website and the services provided thereon are for the uses within the boundaries of the Republic of Turkey. Users accept and undertake that they will be bound with and abide by this Agreement and by all local, national and international rules and regulations. Using the Website and the services provided will not be available when such are banned. Users should not use the Website and the services provided when using of such are not allowed in the applicable local regulations. Services must not be used when using the services are restricted by the law.

Registered Information: All responsibility will be borne by the users under the following cases:

  • Information and content uploaded onto the Website by the user;
  • All types of information uploaded, published, sent and made available by the user onto the Website (will hereinafter be referred to as “Sent Information”).

Notice of Breaches: In case this Agreement is violated by third persons and the registered users, you need to inform Istanbul Talks of such breach without delay.

Restricting the Use of Website and the services provided: You are not allowed to perform certain actions including but not limited to the following, which Sipahiler A.Ş. considers, at its own discretion, inappropriate and/or illegal or those prohibited to perform by the applicable laws for this Website: With regard to the following matters, users accept and undertake that they will by no means cause any liability concerning transfer and share of content and information or to the Website and the Services.

  • Personal information of third persons which is used without authorization (any distinctive information and content which is used to describe a person as specified by the law, will be regarded in this context.)
  • Payment information of third persons which is used without authorization (credit card information is not stored by the Website);
  • Website access will not be allowed over services/programs which contain certain components and devices containing virus, time bomb, trojan, cancelbot (a program or bot (robot) that sends certain unwanted type of messages to Usenet newsgroups), worms and malicious and malign codes;
  • Information and content using scripts, bots and other automated technologies for accessing to the Website and services;
  • Information and content using the Website and services to send chain, unsolicited and spam mails;
  • Any links which are anyway used for activities such as spam, spim (SPAM type used in IM services), phishing, trolling (trying to pull the users into a certain website);
  • Content and information which breach the copyrights and trademark rights, trade secrets, patents and other intellectual property rights or uses the materials including but not limited to copyright protected content, trademarks of third parties, without their due consent or using such information of others by violating the privacy obligation (regardless of the fact that such are protected as trade secrets);
  • Spreading and transmitting any type of malicious worm, virus or other type of malign or destructive codes and programs;
  • Any illegal information or content which violate the applicable regulations, whether willfully or not (such regulations include the laws to this Agreement, service providers and computers of users are subjected);
  • Mimicking the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses or using them to distort the identification information to conceal one’s own identification information;
  • Any type of misleading, false and forged information and content, including job applications, sent and provided to Istanbul Talks;
  • Content and information which distort or prevent the Website, services, service providers and service networks to which the Website is attached to, or which are in breach of any obligation of the contracts, regulations and service networks to which the Website is attached to;
  • Content which collects and stores information about other users;
  • Content and information participating in any activity which violate the privacy of personal lives of third persons, by, including but not limited to collecting and disseminating the information about other users, except the cases where the applicable law clearly states the otherwise;
  • Uploading or publishing onto Istanbul Talks servers or to a network, any type of software, code or file which contain a virus or any type of program which destroys, prevents or restricts the functions of any computer, or its hardware or communication device;
  • Using the Website for the purpose of insulting and offending Sipahiler A.Ş., its employees or other persons or for performing other action which may deteriorate the reputation of Sipahiler A.Ş;
  • Sending or transmitting materials to the Website including but not limited to those specified above, which, to our view, may be offending, menacing, pornographic, illegal, disturbing, damaging, breaching the network security of Sipahiler A.Ş. or a third party,

Compensation of all damages resulting from the violation of this article will be user’s responsibility and any such damages of Istanbul Talks, its business partners or managers, employees and other such affiliated persons will be duly and completely compensated. Such liability of users is continuous.

No Falsified Information: Users agree and undertake that they will not send and submit Istanbul Talks forged, misleading or false information. In case the information presented to Istanbul Talks becomes forged, misleading or false, such change in information will be notified to Istanbul Talks without delay.

Single Profile under Good Faith Principle: Registered users must use only one profile on the Website.

Non-Harassment of Istanbul Talks Employees and Representatives: Users accept and undertake that they will not harass the employees and representatives of Istanbul Talks who are assigned to provision of services and that they will not act in a menacing, disturbing or oppressive manner towards them.

Legal and Statutory Disclosure: Users agree and declare that the information sent by them may be unilaterally disclosed by Istanbul Talks for the following purposes, without requiring user permission, if such disclosure is required by the applicable legislation:

  • To comply with the laws and to fulfill the requirements to be in compliance with the laws and legal procedures;
  • To protect the rights and properties of Istanbul Talks or third persons;
  • To ensure the health and/or safety of any person (including users), when such person is threatened to incur a damage or to be exposed to a violence.

Exclusion of Liability: Although showing all reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy and integrity of all information contained on this website, we will not be liable for inaccurate or incomplete information presented on this website. You will be responsible for all outcomes associated with your confidence in the material presented on this website. You accept the responsibility of following all modifications effectuated on the information presented on this website as well as on the materials. This section will be implemented in the most comprehensive meaning as much as it is allowed by the applicable legislation. Istanbul Talks provide services on the basis of “as they are” and “where applicable” and by no means provide a warranty explicitly or implicitly, contractual or in other way, for the specific usage of services and the website (including the available information contained therein) for commercial or individual use or against any breaches thereof. Istanbul Talks does not provide any guarantee to connect and access to services and therefore is not bound by any such requirement.

Furthermore, all ideas, offers, statements and other types of information or content which are indirectly accessible through services but not directly presented by Istanbul Talks are under complete responsibility of its publisher and Istanbul Talks will not be subjected to any claim for that purpose. Publishers of this information and content will bear the full responsibility associated therewith.

Istanbul Talks and its contracted parties may use several methods to validate the information presented by users. Nonetheless, none of these methods are perfect and therefore users accept and declare that Istanbul Talks and its contracted parties will not be liable for detection of inaccuracies of the information presented.

Beta Functions: From time to time, Istanbul Talks may test the experiences of users for services by new beta versions and functions. These versions and functions are for the purpose of developing experiences and therefore does not construe any kind of commitment and may be modified and removed by Istanbul Talks at its own discretion. The provisions of this section, “Exemption of Warranty” will completely be applicable to these beta versions and functions as well.

Non-Liability for Actions not Attributable to Istanbul Talks: In the most comprehensive meaning to the extent it is allowed by the applicable legislation, Istanbul Talks is by no means responsible for any damages, directly or indirectly, of general or specific, repetitive or countervailing nature, caused by users and/or services. This provision will also apply to liabilities which may arise from objections, losses and damages due to actions of users registered with false declarations or those aiming to manipulate the other users or to cause damage to them.

Transfer: All non-personal materials in the form of communication or data, comment, question, suggestion etc. sent to this Website through electronic mail or other means will be regarded non-confidential and non-licensed. All materials sent or published will be Sipahiler A.Ş.’s property and may be used for, including but not limited to, reproduction, publicly disclosed, transfer, publication, announcement and for other purposes. Furthermore, Sipahiler A.Ş. is free to use for any purpose (including but not limited to product development, production, advertisement and marketing) any intellectual and graphical work, innovation, development, suggestion or concept contained in any communication you sent to the Website. This usage does not grant to the sending party a right of compensation. You guarantee that you own the material/content sent by you and that this material is not a defamation and that use of such material by Sipahiler A.Ş. will not violate the rights of any third person or will not result in the breach of any applicable law. Sipahiler A.Ş. is not obliged to use the send information.

Intellectual Property Rights: All copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights of texts, photos and other materials on this Website are property of Sipahiler A.Ş. and are added on the Website with the consent of their owner.

You may browse on this Website and you may reproduce the excerpts or pieces by taking a print out or saving onto a fixed drive or for transferring to third persons. Such reproductions will be subject to your full compliance to the copyright or patent notice and on the condition that trademarks on these reproductions are visible. No reproductions of this Website may be sold, modified, added to another work, publication or website or distributed for commercial purposes.

®Istanbul Talks is the registered trademark of Sipahiler A.Ş. All rights reserved.

Trademarks, logos, characters and service brands exhibited on this Website (collectively “Commercial Brands”) are property of Sipahiler A.Ş. Nothing on this Website may be interpreted as granting a right to use of license of any Commercial Brand exhibited on this Website. You are strictly prohibited from using/misusing any Commercial Brand or any other content on this Website under the cases other than those cited herein. Furthermore, it is hereby clearly declared that intellectual property rights of Sipahiler A.Ş. will be utmost defended from the legal and penal perspective wherever necessary and to the extent it is allowed by the applicable legislation and that all necessary and legally applicable measures will be taken for that purpose.

Non-Usage of Confidential Information: Users accept and undertake that:

  • Confidential Information and,
  • Other copyrighted material, trademarks, licensed information which may be obtained through services,

will not be published, copied, transferred, disclosed, publicly disclosed, be subjected to a derivative work, be used for commercial purposes and/or reproduced by themselves, unless Istanbul Talks or the owner of such information provide its prior consent for doing so.

Links to Other Websites: There may be links on the Website to third party websites not owned by Istanbul Talks, including but not limited to those cited above, such as those of advertisers, and Sipahiler A.Ş. disclaim all responsibility with regard to the accuracy of the information presented on these websites and the functionality of these websites. These links were given in good faith and Sipahiler A.Ş. may not be held responsible for the modifications effectuated later on the websites to which we provided links on the Website. Linking to other websites will not mean that such are supported by Sipahiler A.Ş. Your participation to advertisements, promotions or sweepstakes organized by our sponsors, your personal or commercial relations with those websites (all personal information willfully given by you, all obligations, conditions and contractual declarations you undertook towards them including the delivery and payment of goods and services) will all be your responsibility. Users accept and undertake that all losses and damages which may arise due to such relations of yours, sharing information with the advertisers and sponsors and the fact that there are links to those on the Website will by no means be under the responsibility of Istanbul Talks. We suggest that you become familiar with and read carefully the legal and privacy notices of all other websites you visit.

Guarantees and Waiver: You may use this Website at your own risk. This Website is provided to you “as is” and “where available” and therefore Sipahiler A.Ş. does not give any implicit, open, legal or other types of guarantees (including the aptness for commercial use or for a specific purpose, user satisfaction), such that the material presented on this Website is complete, accurate, reliable, up-to-date and not violating the third party rights and that the access to this Website will be uninterrupted and without error and that this Website will always be secure, that any suggestion or view of Sipahiler A.Ş. given through this Website is true and reliable and therefore any such declarations and guarantees are clearly disclaimed herein.

Please be advised that certain legal jurisdictions may not accept the exclusion of implicit guarantees and therefore any such exclusion may not apply to you. Please check local regulations.

We reserve our right to restrict, suspend or cancel your right of access to the Website or a certain part or feature thereof without notice.

Liability: Sipahiler A.Ş. and/or any other party which is involved in the development, production or publication of this Website on behalf of us reject any liability or responsibility for any damage, loss, cost or compensation which is collateral, accidental, indirect or that of which requires a penal action, resulting from your access to and use of this Website, modification of the content of the Website or any Website accessed through a link provided on this Website or any of our action or lack of action in response to e-mail messages sent by you.

Sipahiler A.Ş. and/or any other party which is involved in the development, production or publication of this Website on behalf of us do not have any responsibility or obligation to sustain or to correct, to update the content of the materials and the services associated with these materials or to release new versions provided on this Website. All types of materials presented on this Website may be modified without prior notice.

Also, Sipahiler A.Ş. will by no means be responsible for any losses which may be due to computer viruses infecting your computer hardware or any of your other property resulting from your access to, use or download of any content provided on this Website. You will bear the sole responsibility of any consequences when you decide to download any material from this Website.

To the extent it is allowed by the applicable laws, you accept to waive all your rights associated with the use of or access to this Website.

Applicable Law:

Sipahiler A.Ş. does not declare that the materials and information contained on this Website are available and accessible in all national locations or languages.

Both you and Sipahiler A.Ş. agree that any disputes or proceedings which may arise in connection with the use of the Website will be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of Turkish Laws and be seen at Istanbul courts.

For the purposes of settling disputes regarding the services provided or the Website, judicial enforcement offices may send such notices as attendance notices, writs, search warrants etc. as per the relevant procedure laws to users and Istanbul Talks.

Communication and Confidentiality: For the purposes of informing the users of any possible change in services or of special offers and for establishing a communication regarding the services and subject to consent of the users, Istanbul Talks may contact to users via their phones or send e-mails to their e-mail addresses. If the users do not wish to be contacted over the phone (or through any type of wireless communication channel consented by the user) or through their e-mail addresses, they may change their preferences as specified in the Privacy Policy.

Entry Into Force and Termination of the Agreement: This Agreement will automatically take effect as of the moment that the user starts using this Website and will be effective as long as it is used. In case any user account is terminated by the users or Istanbul Talks on any cause or without providing any cause or explanation, the agreement will continue to take effect until the written notice of such termination of terminating party is received by the other party. Istanbul Talks reserves its right to immediately terminate or suspend the access of users to services by providing or without providing a cause or notice. Furthermore, Istanbul Talks reserves its right to remove, at its own discretion, data related to user account from the services and from all archives. Users accept and undertake that, in case the users’ right to use the services are suspended due to their violation of this Agreement, the payments they made to Istanbul talks will not be refunded and that all pending payments to be made by them will immediately be due. Users may close their accounts by following the steps specified in the section “Cancellation of Membership” or by sending a written cancellation notice to the address given below:

Sipahiler A.Ş., MERSIS: 077 103 0599200014

Ref: Cancellation of Membership;

(mailto:sipahiler@hs01.kep.tr, info@istanbultalks.com.tr ), Istanbul, Turkey

Anytime Cancellation of Membership; unless otherwise stated in this section, users may anytime terminate and cancel their subscriptions and/or participations to any service during the continuation or modification of such participation to that service by following the below link http://istanbultalks.com.tr/profil – settings/ cancel the membership.

Also, in case users are not able to use services they signed up for, due to death or disability, users or their successors may request the payments undertaken for the services, other than those were due before the cases of death or disability. http://istanbultalks.com.tr/profil – settings / cancel membership

Severability: Parties agree and undertake that, in case any or several of the provisions of this Agreement is/are rendered invalid, such provision (s) will be replaced with another provision which most represent(s) mutual will of the parties and is least allowing the discharge of the obligations of the parties and that remaining provisions of the agreement will not be affected by this situation.

Entire Agreement: This agreement constitutes the main agreement between the users and Istanbul Talks governing the use of the Website and the services and replaces all previous agreements concluded for the same purpose.

Non-Cooperation: Users accept and declare that this Agreement, using the Website and the services do not constitute any kind of cooperation, partnership, business or agency relation between the Parties.

Continuity: Unless otherwise clearly stated, termination of users’ access to the services will be done in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.

Non-Waiver: Istanbul Talks’ not using rights and authorizations granted by this Agreement will not mean that use of such rights and authorizations are waived.

Side Headings: Side Headings of this Agreement are for the purpose of informing about the content of the Agreement only and do not have contractual or legal effect.

Force Majeure: In cases of any force majeure event, governmental action (including the cancellation or rejection of any license), war, uprising, destruction of network devices and providers and other reasons, conditions developing outside the control of Istanbul Talks and of those not limited to cited herein, Istanbul Talks will have the right to suspend or terminate the users’ accounts and will not be liable for any damage occurring due to such an event.

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