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Validity Date: November 23rd, 2015

A Hong Kong based limited liability company, Sipahiler A.Ş. (will hereinafter be referred to as “Istanbul Talks”, “Sipahiler” or “we”) represents to respect the privacy of your personal information and to provide you highest level of security. This Privacy Policy has the purpose of informing you about our policy and procedure on collecting, using and disclosing personal information of users accessing to our website (will hereinafter be referred to as “Website”). This Privacy Policy also applies to obtaining necessary user permissions for collecting, using and disclosing personal information and other information to be shared with us.

Also, in the fields where the relevant information to be collected, there are checkboxes for obtaining clear user permissions for collecting, processing, sharing information and for indicating whether users allow establishing commercial communications with them and, if so, which communication channel they prefer.

You may share your questions and queries about this Privacy Policy or the privacy applications of the Website by sending e-mail to or mail to 

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Istanbul Talks is the sole owner of all information collected on

This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time on any reason. Each newly updated version will apply to already collect data as well.  Therefore, you are advised to regularly follow the Privacy Policy in order to be updated about the modifications.

In order to use the Website, you need to fill out the registration form after determining a user name and password. You need to provide your contact information (i.e. your e-mail address) during registration process. Istanbul Talks uses this information to contact you about the services on the Website you indicated that you are interested. Also, by checking the checkboxes provided to you, you indicate that you agree to get e-mails about commercial activities, campaigns and services of Istanbul Talks.

Should you have any question or comment on this Privacy Policy or about use of your personal identification information, please contact us at

Information Collected By the Website

If you check on the relevant checkbox during your registration, Istanbul Talks will have the right to collect information about you, such information as your name and e-mail address (and other users’) during your use of the Website or the information you provided through your business partners or other persons.

We may also collect other information in the following forms and during the use of the Website

  • Website’s server automatically collects certain information such as your internet protocol (IP) address, type and language of your browser, date and time of entering into the Website, which help us to follow user actions and to determine user tendencies.
  • One or more cookies (identifier information) may be assigned (sent) to your computer in order to facilitate your access to and to personalize online experiences. Website uses these “cookies” when you visit the Website or for carefully following certain information you entered during your use. “Cookies” are tiny files in your computer which are used for storing information so that the Website easily identifies you. If your browser’s settings are set for rejecting all cookies, then the Website will not work with full functionality. That’s because the Website is programmed to not to approve sending data without verifying your identity. Our website will utilize these cookies to provide certain facilitations to users such as granting access to the Website without requiring the user to enter his/her e-mail address and/or registration number or password every time. It also uses these cookies to provide new contents and information to users specific to their interests. Cookies are commonly used by many Websites and are not linked to personal information of users.
  • Istanbul Talks and its third party advertisement partners may use certain internet tools such as web beacons, which are used to trace your use of the Website and collects information which helps to provide personalization of services provided and advertisements shown. Web beacons (known also as “clear gifs”, “pixel tags” or “web bugs”) are very tiny images having their unique identifier and having same functions with those of cookies, which are used to trace the movements of internet users or to access to cookies. Contrary to the cookies stored on the hard drive of the user, web beacons are unseeingly placed within a website or an e-mail and approximately have the size of a full stop at the end of this sentence. Web beacons may be used for delivering the cookies or for establishing communication with cookies to count the visitors of certain websites and to understand their uses of these websites. Website may also use the web beacons to verify if the promotional (or other types of) e-mails or bulletins are opened or processed when sending these type of e-mails. If you do not want to get these e-mails, please refer to the Options/Renunciation section of this Privacy Policy. Furthermore, if you were directed to through an advertisement seen on another website, Website will take a unanimous ID number.

Following principles will apply to users’ membership, matters related to the privacy and protection of the information provided by them and the matters related to registration and sales over our Website:

  1. Necessary measures for security of the information and the transactions done on our Website were ensured by the system and internet infrastructure by the bank and/or relevant card companies depending on the nature thereof. All credit card transactions and their approvals are completed online by the corresponding Bank and other Card Companies, independent of our involvement. Fundamental information such as your credit card password cannot be seen and stored by any other party.
  2. Information provided to our Website by our customers such as membership, product, service purchase, especially certain confidential information such as credit card and bank card information, cannot be seen by other internet users.
  3. Information of our members and customers may be disclosed to relevant institutions in compliance with our responsibilities due by legal regulations. Furthermore, contact and other type of information provided during registration or purchases may be stored for an indefinite duration for the purposes of completing, updating the membership transactions, providing, selling various products/services by business partners and suppliers, collection of product/service payments/fees and for various advertisement, promotion, communication, sales and marketing and card applications and such information may be kept, processed, shared and used where necessary by Sipahiler, Istanbul Talks and by these institutions.
  4. In cases where our website provide links to other websites, privacy and security policy and terms of use of these websites will apply for all uses and transactions associated with them. Sipahiler A.Ş. will not be liable for any disputes, material and immaterial damages and losses associated with the use of information, rules of conduct, service quality, security and privacy principles and other practices of these websites directed from our Website through an advertisement, banner, or for the purposes of seeing a content or for any other purpose.
  5. All industrial and intellectual property rights of all content and information published on our Website as well as the organization and use, whether partially or completely, thereof are owned by Sipahiler A.Ş.
  6. Security of your personal information is ensured by reasonable measures taken by Although takes all necessary steps to protect the Personal Information under its control, it may not be guaranteed that all data transmissions and storage methods on internet are 100% secure. We disclaim any responsibility for any damage you may incur during these data transfers resulting from cutting, rerouting or misusing the data bus. When you have a reason to believe that the website security is breached, please contact us at
  7. Do not forget that this Privacy Policy is applicable only for collecting and disseminating information online and that it does not apply to any of our offline practices.
  8. In order to prevent the unauthorized access to and misuse of personal information, appropriate security procedures are applied in accordance with the European data protection laws.
  9. We have appropriate work systems and procedures in place to protect and store the personal information you provided to us. In addition to that, we also apply security procedures and technical and physical restrictions for access and use of personal information stored at our services. Access to personal information is allowed for authorized personnel only for the performance of their duties related to the provision of services.

Information Collected by Others

Istanbul Talks may allow 3rd party advertiser or advertisement network partners to show advertisements on the Website.

  • No personal information is transferred to these companies or networks by Istanbul Talks.
  • These companies and networks may use certain tools, such as cookies, to see the advertisements or to collect information about the computers to interact with these advertisements.

How the Collected Information is Used

Information collected and stored about you during your visits to the Website and uses of services thereon may be used for the following purposes:

  • To fulfil your requests about products, services, notices or career opportunities;
  • To inform you about the products and services in which you might be interested;
  • To personalize the advertisements and the content of the Website;
  • To facilitate the use of our website;
  • To be able to manage your account and preferences;
  • To analyze the Website use, products and services to develop them;
  • To detect the abuses of our Website and forged transactions and to provide protection against them;
  • To be able to comply with the “Terms of Use”.

Sharing the Collected Information

Except the following cases, it is not possible that your personal information will be shared with third persons without informing you beforehand and/or without allowing you to renounce such sharing. To have further information on renouncing, please refer to the section Privacy Policy / Options / Renunciation.

Information collected by us may be shared with the following:

  • Service providers providing services on behalf of Istanbul Talks;
  • Third parties given below under the section “Commercial Transfer”, which the Website is jointly and institutionally controlled, affiliates of the Website, partnerships and other legal and commercial entities.
  • Partners of the Website or other commercial entities chosen to provide product, service and promotion over or offline;
  • Other relevant parties involved in limited cases when fulfilling legal obligations, for prevention of fraud and ensuring the protection of user security.

Data Integrity

Information collected from Website users will be used in line with the purposes of collection of such information. Website may take necessary measures to ensure that the collected information is accurate, up-to-date and fit for the purpose of use.

Forward Transfer

Permitted information transfer done to Sipahiler A.Ş. and/or to third persons, which may include personal information, may cover the transfer of this information to another place of jurisdiction; this may be necessary when the legal regulations differ in different law systems. User specific information may be transferred from a place of jurisdiction to another, in which the legal protection is less restrictive and/or to where different type of protections were envisaged. Istanbul Talks accepts and represents to use and store your personal information as specified in this Privacy Policy.

Advertisements of Third Persons may collaborate with several advertisement agencies or service providers (for example retailers of products and services) to publish the advertisements of Istanbul Talks and third party advertisers. These companies may use cookies and web beacons to measure the impacts of advertisements. All information collected through cookies and web beacons are stored unanimously.

Your information are shared with third parties under the conditions and forms specified in the Privacy Policy provided that you checked the corresponding checkboxes.

Options / Renunciation

Website users have the right to choose among the following options:

  • You may prefer not to share your personal information by acknowledging that you may not use certain features of the Website and/or you may not access to certain services of the Website.
  • If you do not wish to take bulletins and promotional e-mails, you may deactivate this option by clicking on the “Cancel My Membership / Subscription” at the bottom of the sent e-mails and by sending us an e-mail.
  • You may set your browser settings to reject and/or delete cookies by acknowledging that you may not use certain features of the Website and/or you may not access to certain services of the Website.
  • If you already have an account at you may review, update the information about your account and specify the ones that you do not wish to share with others by using our e-mail address given below after you logging in to your account. Please also refer to “Accessing to Your Personal Information” section of the Privacy Policy.

Accessing To Your Personal Information

If you want to have a copy of the information you shared with Istanbul Talks or you notice that a certain piece of this information is incorrect and needs to be corrected or deleted, please contact us by sending an e-mail to In order to fulfill this request, before making any operations regarding the information to be deleted or corrected, Website officials may request from you to verify your identity and other details, including those personal identification information. Following the assessment of your request in terms of proportionality, data quality and reasonability, necessary operations on this information such as deletion, correction or modification will be performed. In this context, all requests to be sent to the Website will be attempted to be responded with most appropriate timing and as much appropriate as to your request.

Legal Waiver

Istanbul Talks reserves its right to share personal information collected on the Website with third persons in cases where the applicable legislation necessitates doing so and to comply with the laws, regulations, court orders, convocations and procedures and for the purposes of preventing damages to its interests and for protecting its security and rights and those of its employees, representatives, Website users. Also, if it was found that the rules defined by the “Terms of Use” are violated by the users, Istanbul Talks will have the right to share the personal information of such person violating the cited rules, with the attorneys of the Website and with legal counsellors.

Website users and persons covered by this agreement agree and undertake that, in case any of the provisions of this Privacy Policy rendered invalid by a competent court, another provision which is closest in meaning to the invalid provision and which best reflects the true intentions of Parties will replace such annulled provision and that such a situation will not affect the validity and effectiveness of the remaining provisions of the Privacy Policy.

Commercial Transfer

In case of any transfer of properties and/or change of ownership of Istanbul Talks through a merger, acquisition of its shares, personal information of Website users may be shared with third persons. Istanbul Talks will also have the right to share the personal information of users with third parties which the Website is jointly and institutionally controlled, affiliates of the Website, partnerships and other legal and commercial entities. Information under this paragraph and the demographic information of users may be shared by citing the ownership of such information. Third parties which the Website is jointly and institutionally controlled, affiliates of the Website, partnerships and other legal and commercial entities with which your personal and demographic information is shared accept and represent that they will comply with the provisions of this Privacy Policy and protect the privacy of this information during their operations.


Istanbul Talks will ensure all requirements for protection of your personal information against loss, destruction and/or unauthorized access, misuse, modification or disclosure thereof, within the respect of physical, electronic and other security contexts. In this sense, Website personnel is given necessary training and apprenticeship process before they start working. All necessary measures will be taken to ensure secure transfer of information between your computer and our servers. Since the security of the information transfer over internet may not be guaranteed 100%, Website does not provide any warranty with regard to the sufficiency of the security measures as well as the information sent to Istanbul Talks over internet. For this reason, Istanbul Talks will not be liable for any damage and/or loss due by a breach of security or a technical problem and as occurring as described in this Privacy Policy. Istanbul Talks will not be liable for any damage which may result from the disclosure of information resulting from unintended and/or unforeseen events.

Links of Other Websites

There may be links on to other websites which are not owned or controlled by Istanbul Talks. In order to fully benefit from the services provided on the Website, you may download the necessary software through the links provided on the Website.

We suggest you to be careful when you leave the Website through these links and to read the privacy notices and policies of the websites when you visit them. Website’s Privacy Policy is applicable only to the information collected by the Website. With regard to applications and content of the websites providing links to and/or other websites to which the Website provided links, Istanbul Talks is not responsible for any information collected, used or disclosed by these websites. Istanbul Talks will be free from any responsibilities associated with such collection, use and disclosure of information.

Entry into Force

Istanbul Talks accepts and represents that, for all disputes which may arise from the interpretation and implementation of this Privacy Policy, competent authorities will be applied for settling any such disputes. All personnel of Istanbul Talks accept and declare that they know this Privacy Policy and are required to be bound by it. Istanbul Talks accepts and represents that it will consider all complaints about the violation of Privacy Policy carefully and that it will initiate and take necessary actions in case such a violation is detected. If you wish to ask questions, make complaint or give queries about protection of personal information, please contact us by sending an e-mail to

Acceptance of Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy and Terms of Use govern the use of website, including all the disputes which may arise in relation to privacy of the personal information. BY USING THE WEBSITE, YOU INDICATE THAT YOU ACCEPT ALL REGULATIONS SET BY THE PRIVACY POLICY AND RELEVANT TERMS OF USE.

Modification on the Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is updated at certain intervals to reflect the changes made on the applications and services provided by the Website as well as the new regulations applying to them. Istanbul Talks has the right to change this Privacy Policy anytime without notice. Therefore, Website users are advised to check the Privacy Policy frequently. All updates to be made on the Privacy Policy will be published on main page, on the privacy notice page and other places wherever appropriate, so that you will be kept informed about how your personal information is collected and used or shared.

In case Istanbul Talks makes any material changes on this Privacy Policy, it may inform its users through the Website or other means (such as sending e-mails or making announcement on main page. Users’ using any part of the Website after such a modification will mean their consent to the modified text.

Modifications effectuated on the Privacy Policy will be effective as of they are published on the Website.


Please contact us via following e-mail and mail addresses should you have any question, concern or suggestion about the Privacy Policy:

Sipahiler A.Ş., Mersis No: 077 103 0599200014

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