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Spreading ideas that change the world.


Starting with out-of-the-box conferences, Istanbul TALKS ultimately aspires to grow into an idea ecosystem.


Istanbul TALKS, which not only contributes greatly to all the topics it focuses on, but also the city itself, embraces the EMEA (Europe-Middle East-Africa) and aims to become the most important reference point in the region through the conferences it hosts.

Istanbul TALKS, which is organized together with consultative committees and business partners, who are experts in their respective fields, embraces global matters by bringing together local and international industry leaders, both as speakers and participants.

Istanbul TALKS conferences, which host world-renowned speakers, attract a distinguished crowd. Istanbul TALKS conferences, which aim to energize and create movement in different ecosystems from a variety of sectors, continues to take firm steps forward on its path of becoming the most reputable reference point in the EMEA region.

Istanbul TALKS aims to create a greater idea ecosystem in the EMEA region through the events it organizes and works relentlessly to turn Istanbul a world-renowned hub for hosting conferences.









İstanbul Talks Istanbul OrientedIstanbul TALKS gains its strength and energy from Istanbul.

It intends to both make good use of the magical pull of this unique city, while at the same time contributing to that pull.

In accordance with this purpose, Istanbul TALKS embraces the idea of hosting all of its conferences in Istanbul or have them originate from Istanbul as part of its strategy.

İstanbul Talks Strong ContentAll of Istanbul TALKS content and the event program is created together with consultants and business partners who are all experts in their respective fields. Istanbul TALKS works alongside individuals and organizations capable of approaching each topic from multiple perspectives to shed new light on it.

Istanbul TALKS creates unique and thought-provoking content, while looking at the subject matter from all angles and internalizing the information to structure conferences that help answer every question and need regarding the subject.

İstanbul Talks NetworkingIstanbul TALKS provides many opportunities for the attendees to meet with the guest speakers and sponsors by organizing special networking events, round table discussions and designated one-on-one meeting areas.

In addition to setting up actual meeting spaces that are designed in accordance with the concept of each conference, Istanbul TALKS makes one-on-one communication even easier, by also integrating the use of digital platforms that enable the participants to network virtually.

İstanbul Talks Open PlatformIstanbul TALKS is committed to creating an open platform, where all participants; attendees and speakers alike, get an opportunity to contribute to the content and share their knowledge, experience and projects with others.

Istanbul TALKS, which offers a variety of channels; such as Speaker, Consultant or Brand Ambassador, to all professionals and brands that want to take part in the conferences, is also open to taking different conference concept and content suggestions that come through these channels into consideration.

İstanbul Talks Sustainable StructureIstanbul TALKS, which constantly renews itself and broadens its scope and influence, approaches each topic from a positive perspective. It closely follows important global events as well as the local and regional influences and opens new doors for the business world through a variety of topics such as technology, health, sports and agriculture. Istanbul TALKS reflects on the change and transformation around the world as well as in Turkey and discusses the trending and important topics at its conferences.

İstanbul Talks Global PerspectiveIstanbul TALKS, which aims to establish itself as a leading name worldwide, reinforces its global identity not only with impressive guest speakers, but also with its participants and international partnerships.

Istanbul TALKS, which sets itself apart from ordinary conferences by focusing on the solution rather than the problem, offers a unique point of view on all topics for the participants. At Istanbul TALKS, the latest and most innovative business models and the best implementations in the developed countries are covered by the most knowledgeable speakers, offering the participants a global perspective on all topics.

İstanbul Talks Premium EventsIstanbul TALKS continues to host high profile conferences.

With its premium concept, Istanbul TALKS, not only aspires to create exceptional conferences that enable the participants to get the most out of the experience, but also to become a trusted reference on all of the covered subjects.

Istanbul TALKS is a platform that propels the business world forward through sharing of ideas.

Istanbul TALKS, which will host world-renowned speakers at each conference to help spread positive and inspirational messages, is part of a platform that will contribute much to energize the business world and related ecosystems in the EMEA region.

Istanbul TALKS knows exactly how to organize a successful event.

With its team of experts, Istanbul TALKS envisions and designs all aspects of the event meticulously, from the location to technical details, the content to guest speakers and the schedule, to create the ultimate conference experience for all participants.

All sponsorship activities for Istanbul TALKS Conference Series is managed by +NineZero Sponsorship Agency.