With exciting new ideas and out-of-the-box conferences, Istanbul TALKS brings together a rich array of forward-looking individuals, who live in today but have their minds and hearts set on the future.

Istanbul TALKS discusses the future of the business world and the potential opportunities it holds, in a positive and inspirational manner and also creates an abundant networking platform for many new partnerships, investments and ventures to flourish.

At Istanbul TALKS, it is not only about following the current trends, but also talking about the great ideas that shape the future.

Istanbul TALKS aims to uplift and empower all conference participants through rich and compelling content, which focuses on the world of finance and business in detail, with a special emphasis on success and inspiration. Istanbul TALKS approaches all topics from different angles, embracing the global perspective, all the while taking the local and regional factors and variables into consideration.

Compelling content, thought provoking speakers…

Istanbul TALKS, which sparked a new surge of ideas with its impressive content, powerful speakers and creative venue design, held two successful conferences on entrepreneurship and finance in 2016, positively affecting Turkey’s global image.

Key opinion leaders and top thought leaders from a variety of sectors, from agriculture to health and IoT to sports, will come together again at Istanbul TALKS in 2017. This year, Istanbul TALKS will continue to build momentum, hosting more conferences with important and stimulating topics.

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Open Platform

Istanbul TALKS offers an open platform where all the stakeholders may contribute to the conference content as well as share their knowledge, experience and projects.

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